We Identify, Correct and Verify Deficiencies in a Facility’s MEP Systems.

Barton’s Senior-Level commissioning agents have the experience of working for HVAC equipment manufacturers, contractors and in facilities management positions—experience that offers a unique level of insight during the commissioning process. Commissioning services can be performed for new facilities to verify proper installation, equipment operation, and control strategies as well as for existing facilities to evaluate equipment performance and identify deficiencies that occur as a result of degradation over time.  Barton’s commissioning services assist facility owners to optimize their facility operations.

Whether you are considering commissioning services for a new or existing building, Barton Associates provides the following benefits to our clients:

Building Automation System (BAS) Consulting: Our team can evaluate your existing BAS control strategies to determine if they are satisfying your operational needs and recom­mend changes to the system, if needed. We can also provide training to help staff understand how the system works in order to maintain comfort and optimal efficiency.

Flexible Service Agreements: Barton offers various levels of service agreements to meet your facility’s needs. From specific problem-solving contracts to routine and full-service agreements that cover parts and materials, our goal is to provide you with the level of service you need. We also offer emergency response service agreements to support unexpected problems that may arise.

Focused on Optimization: As a service provider, Barton does not sell products or equipment, we offer knowledgeable unbiased third party perspec­tives. Therefore, our number one concern is optimizing the operation of your building’s MEP equipment. If upgrades or replacements are required, we will recommend them, however, there are no incentives for us to sell you additional equipment that you do not need.

Diverse Experience: Members of Barton’s technical staff are experienced in working with various control products and equipment product lines, which enable us to evaluate and recommend control strategies to help you avoid costly and unnecessary equipment upgrades.

Comprehensive Understanding of Systems: Barton’s expertise as MEP engineers and BAS service providers gives us the advantage of fully understanding how a building’s electrical and mechanical systems are intended to operate, as well as the skills and knowledge of how to properly control these systems. Our experience and resources help avoid common control system mistakes and correct problems with existing systems in a timely and cost-effective manner.

View Our Commissioning Matrix – The matrix illustrates the typical services included for each level of commissioning. Barton can customize these services based on your facility’s unique needs to provide the combination of commissioning services that are right for your systems and budget.