Existing Facilities

LEED Commissioning for existing facilities
A three-step process focused on optimizing energy performance, implementing low-cost oper­ational improvements and conducting routine evaluations of building performance to analyze changes in technological progress, building programs and equipment operation. Performing this service will allow a facility to earn up to six points toward LEED certification for Existing Buildings: Operational Maintenance.

A process for investigating, analyzing and optimizing the performance of an existing building’s MEP systems. A commissioning agent will investigate, analyze and optimize a facility’s perfor­mance to ensure that the systems continue to meet the facility’s functional requirements while improving operation and reducing maintenance.

Retro-System Validation
An alternative to Retro-Commissioning performed to verify that systems are operating in accordance with the owner’s current facility requirements by focusing on functional performance testing, field adjustments and verification. Retro-System Validation focuses on a representative sampling of equipment and is intended to deliver high quality results while reducing the costs associated with extensive documentation required by other types of commissioning.

Continuous Commissioning
A process to maintain the calibration, adjustment and efficiency of a previously commissioned system to ensure that it continues to meet the facility owner’s requirements. A commissioning agent will routinely monitor the system as well as adjusting and verifying the performance of the individual components and sensors.

A routine process of systematically verifying, calibrating and adjusting settings and set points that no longer meet the owner’s current facility requirements because of equipment degradation or designed changes of the previously commissioned systems. This process is typically conducted annually or bi-annually.