Gettysburg College | Office of Multicultural Engagement
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Gettysburg College | Gettysburg, PA

Office of Multicultural Engagement

8,820 sq. ft. | $1.8 million | February 2018

Barton Education provided mechanical, electrical and plumbing design services for the renovation of the 8,820 square-foot Office of Multicultural Engagement at Gettysburg College. The building has a social space where students and community members can host gatherings, meetings or workshops with a lounge/study space. The project included a fully functional classroom with breakout spaces that can be reconfigured, a residential space, and an integrative space with dedicated and flexible areas for living and learning. The idea is that students will develop a certain level of comfort that opens them to new opportunities by providing academic support in the form of tutoring, workshops, and partnerships with other on-campus resources. The mixed-use space will also offer other programs designed to enhance the overall student experience, prepare students meaningfully for the future, and achieve a more diverse and insightful campus community.

The mechanical and electrical systems were replaced in their entirety as a part of the project. This included sanitary waste & vent, domestic cold and hot water, domestic hot water generation and stormwater drainage where all replaced. The HVAC system consists of a VRF system with supplemental hydronic heating units located throughout. The system is interfaced with the campus wide building management system. The electrical service was upgraded as well as lighting, power distribution, tele/data, multi-media, sound, fire alarm and access control systems to meet current campus standards and costs.

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