Gettysburg College | The Attic & College Union Building
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Gettysburg College | Gettysburg, PA

The Attic & College Union Building

104,000 sq. ft. | $1.3 million | March 2006

Barton Education provided mechanical, electrical and plumbing design services for this 23,500 square-foot renovation project. The Attic is the college’s student-designed night club, providing special events, parties and concerts. The facility includes state-of-the-art technology systems, entertainment area as well as a bar and lounge.

Barton Education has also provided various engineering services at the 80,500 square-foot College Union Building over the past 30 years. Renovations have included extending central steam and chilled water to the building, HVAC system replacement, a building management system, lighting upgrades, power distribution upgrades, safety and security system upgrades as well as tele/data improvements. Barton Education also provided services to create the Bullet Hole, a sports-themed eatery, and the Commons, a coffee shop and lounge. The building serves also has large group gathering spaces such as a ballroom, post office, banking facilities, office spaces, student activities, club spaces, registrar’s office and bookstore. The HVAC system serving the building consists of a four pipe air handling units, four pipe fan coils and blower coils.

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