Holy Redeemer Hospital | South Patient Wing Renovation
Healthcare Nursing Services

Holy Redeemer Hospital | Meadowbrook, PA

South Patient Wing Renovation

13,000 sq. ft. | $2.4 million | June 2019

Barton Healthcare provided mechanical, electrical and plumbing design and construction services for the renovation of an existing 13,000 square-foot patient room wing of the hospital. Renovations included 24 private patient rooms including one airborne isolation room and 8 large patient rooms for specialty patients. The finishes for the entire wing were upgraded with new lighting, plumbing fixtures, and grilles/registers/diffusers. Each of the existing patient toilet rooms were renovated to include a European style shower. HVAC upgrades included the installation of an energy recovery ventilator to provide an efficient method to provide outside air to the space. The emergency electrical system in this wing of the hospital was also upgraded to provide additional critical branch circuits for this project and future projects planned in this wing.

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