Middletown Area School District | High School
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Middletown Area School District | Middletown, PA

High School

202,700 sq. ft. | $30 million | August 2016

Barton Education provided commissioning services for the construction of a new 202,700 square-foot high school for Middletown Area School District. The facility features a gymnasium with capacity for 1,250 spectators and an 850-seat auditorium – both adjacent to the Central Commons. A well-equipped fitness center is accessible to the public as well as students, faculty and District staff. The student resource center provides break-study. The industrial and fine arts wing provides space for graphic design, painting, sculpture, computer aided drafting and industrial shop space for fabrication and assembly of student projects. The performing arts are supported with dressing rooms adjoining the auditorium plus band and choral rooms and practice spaces.

The energy efficient design features a high-efficiency magnetic bearing chiller supplemented by an underground thermal storage ice plant. Other energy efficient features include high-efficiency condensing hot water boilers and energy recovery wheels on all major air handlers. Variable exhaust kitchen hoods provide ventilation with fresh air provided by a gas-fired makeup air unit. The operation of the HVAC equipment can be monitored remotely via the internet using secure VPN connections.

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