The Pennsylvania State University | Centralized Biological Laboratory Animal Cage Wash
Higher Education Research/Laboratory

The Pennsylvania State University | University Park, PA

Centralized Biological Laboratory Animal Cage Wash Addition

7,500 sq. ft. | $4.9 million | April 2013

Barton Education designed a new cage wash facility at the Centralized Biological Lab Animal Facility at the University Park Campus. The project included the addition of a new rack washer, bottle washer, tunnel washer and sterilizer in a 7,500 square foot building addition that will increase the Universities capacity to maintain the current animal population. The addition is a dedicated cage washing facility that includes dirty cage storage and clean cage storage, as well as two loading docks and a bedding and feed storage area. The project included the upgrade of the existing facilities utility infrastructure to support the addition, which include modifications to the building steam service, domestic hot water generation plant, water softener system, chilled water system, and heating hot water system. The new addition is heated and cooled by a dedicated 100% outdoor air, 4-pipe variable volume air handling unit that utilizes a heat recovery system connected to the process exhaust systems in the addition.

During the feasibility study phase, energy analysis and life cycle cost analysis were completed comparing the energy consumption of the major wash equipment for the facility. The purpose of the study was to evaluate the impact of the products energy conservation options as it related to first cost, energy savings and impact on infrastructure upgrades.

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