The Pennsylvania State University | Lorenzo Wrestling Hydrotherapy Suite
Higher Education Athletics

The Pennsylvania State University | University Park, PA

Lorenzo Wrestling Hydrotherapy Suite

3,200 sq. ft. | $916,000 | December 2016

Barton Education provided mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering services for a 3,200 square-foot renovation of an existing locker room into a new hydrotherapy suite to upgrade the Lorenzo Wrestling Complex located in the historic Recreation Hall Building. The project included two new hydrotherapy tubs (one hot and one cold) as well as a small locker room, sauna, restroom, and shower room.

As the newest upgrade to the training facility for the reigning five-time NCAA wrestling champions, this project is meant to highlight Penn State’s commitment to using the newest advances in training and physical therapy with its athletes. The mechanical systems were upgraded to provide proper control of the temperature and humidity using the building’s existing chilled water and hot water systems and a specialized dehumidification unit. The lighting system was replaced with LED fixtures and digital controls to maximize energy efficiency and to give the space a more modern look. Even the existing audio system was expanded to allow music to be played in hydrotherapy room and the sauna.

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