West Virginia University | Life Science Building & Oglebay Hall
Higher Education Research/Laboratory


West Virginia University | Morgantown, WV

Life Science Building & Oglebay Hall

3,280 sq. ft. | $760,000 | April & August 2013

Barton Education provided mechanical, electrical and plumbing design services for two laboratory projects under an open-ended laboratory contract for West Virginia University. Barton Education incorporated building information modeling (BIM) technology to renovate an existing space for a new faculty researcher in the Life Science Building. The research concentrates on the study of neurophysiology in fish and includes performing electro physical recording of brain activity, behavioral recordings and monitoring of live fish. The lab houses approximately 60 live fish in a main holding tank with two additional experiment tanks. The renovation provided one room to house the main holding tank and another to house the experimental tanks.

Barton Education provided mechanical, electrical, plumbing and architectural design services for renovations and infrastructure upgrades for the advancement of the Forensics and Investigative Science Program in Oglebay Hall. The project included approximately 2,300 square feet of renovations of existing spaces to create new analytical research laboratories. Renovations included new laboratory casework and finishes, rebalancing of the HVAC system serving the entire building, installation of a raised floor system, light darkening and light blocking systems, relocation of an existing fume hood, a central compressor and compressed air distribution throughout the building, overhead modular service manifold systems containing power/data/compressed air/vacuum pump exhaust, step up power transformer and power distribution for lasers, central chilled water cooling for lasers, creation of new lab spaces, RGB color changing LED lighting system and installation of a fan filter unit. The project was designed and constructed within a 6 month time window in order to meet funding requirements associated with a HUD grant.

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