Positions Available

Professionals, Students & Graduates
Barton Associates holds experience and expertise in high regard. We encourage our staff to express their ideas openly and through this dialog we can expand our quality and creativity.

As a Seasoned Professional we respect your opinions and expertise. The lines of communication are open and our management style demonstrates a variety of ways to share your knowledge across the organization. Barton believes that investing in our employees will not only benefit them but will also cultivate an environment that supports growth and career advancement. Opportunities are available for our seasoned professionals to mentor and coach other designers and engineers.

Barton recognizes the benefits of Student interns for both the firm and the students. We invite students to our firm to experience the inner workings of our projects and expose them to the disciplines and work we perform.

As a recent Graduate we recognize the position we hire you for today may not be your ultimate career goal. At Barton, we don’t just focus on developing our projects we make a concentrated effort to help develop and grow our staff in areas of their interest and professional expertise and provide the opportunity and compensation to allow for career growth within the company. All employees are given the opportunity to learn from, share ideas and build relationships with a mentor who will provide the guidance and training to advance his or her own career and individual goals.

If you are interested in applying for employment at Barton, please upload a cover letter along with your resume at one of the links below. You can also directly send them to Denise Stonier, Human Resources Administrator, at dls@ba-inc.com or call her with any questions at 717-845-7654 ext 1211. Please list the job that you are interested in the subject field of your email.

Barton is always seeking strong candidates to fill positions within our company. If that’s you, we encourage you to share your resume with us.

Student Internship/Co-op Program