About Us

About Our Proud Employee-Owned Company

Barton Associates is more than just an engineering consulting company. It’s a community of employee-owners. Since our founding in 1968, our most important asset has always been our employees. Employee-ownership reinforces a true ownership culture and rewards our employees for their passion and loyalty.

Group of employees gathering together to talk about work
Michael S. Rader, PE, CEM headshot

“While leadership and ownership are different, having a firm that fully embraces an ownership culture creates unparalleled organizational alignment to realize our core mission and vision”

– Michael S. Rader, PE, CEM, President & CEO of Barton Associates, Inc.

Multiple Offices

Barton Associates’ multiple locations across the Mid-Atlantic region are strategically positioned to serve our valued clients.

Our offices in York, State College, Pittsburgh, Raleigh, and Cherry Hill are home to over 90 employee-owners ready to provide high-quality services to our clients across our primary markets.

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