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Designing to Improve Patient Healthcare

Consideration for patient care and safety are of utmost importance with healthcare facility design. Our Barton Healthcare team strives to design facilities that are patient-centric, safe, and efficient to operate using innovative solutions to provide flexibility to adapt to the future of healthcare.

We recognize that application of the right MEP system for a healthcare facility is paramount in helping the facility meet their stringent operational requirements including air quality, thermal comfort, lighting, and power reliability. Our team understands that all facilities are not created equal, and each project requires a holistic look to determine the right system solutions. The best system approaches not only address the critical environmental needs of healthcare facilities but do so in a manner that provides energy efficient operation helping to reduce operating costs and carbon footprint. 

Operating room at UPMC Pinnacle Memorial Hospital healthcare facility

Barton Healthcare

The successful design and implementation of healthcare projects requires a collaborative team. While MEP systems represent a significant portion of healthcare construction and energy costs, our team understands that a coordinated project approach provides the best outcomes. Our Barton Healthcare team understands that early team coordination between all stakeholders is important in order to deliver a successful project.

Our Barton Healthcare team has provided engineering services for new construction or renovation to over 100 healthcare facilities on over 2,000 projects.

Our Barton Healthcare team is experienced in delivering all levels of projects from complex renovations to large scale expansions and new construction. Our varied healthcare project types include surgical, emergency, patient support, treatment/diagnostic, general support, outpatient surgical, nursing, and medical offices.