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When you choose Barton Associates, you receive the benefit of half a century of building systems designs as displayed in our diverse portfolio of projects in other markets. We provide functional, flexible, efficient and sustainable design concepts on every project we complete including the corporate/workplace, cultural, libraries, municipal and sports & recreation markets. We’re dedicated to finding solutions that work for our clients and help them attain results.

Interior Harsco Corporate Office design for our other markets project portfolio


Whether you are developing a museum, gallery, concert hall or outdoor garden, you are developing a space that is highly specialized with unique systems that require detailed coordination between designers, installers and users. You can be confident that Barton Associates has the experience to focus on the right details at the right
time to provide a thorough and coordinated design.


We’re passionate about designing a high-performance workplace where your employees, clients, and business thrive. Whether the project is new construction or the renovation of an existing facility, our professionals have the experience necessary to design and engineer the right systems for your next project.


Systems upgrades in historic buildings are essential in order to meet today’s MEP, energy, lighting, and other sustainability standards or requirements. Barton Associates creates designs that respects the historic aspect of every building and embraces the future.


Libraries have changed a lot over the years and Barton’s team understands the trends in today’s libraries. Through close collaboration with the client, our designs address today’s technology needs as well as creating flexible spaces.


Barton’s understanding and experience with municipal design requirements, standards, specification, and codes brings a added-value to this market. We provide cost-effective solutions and energy-efficient designs to each client.

Parking Garages

Parking Garages must be designed to be efficient, user-friendly, durable and cost-effective. Barton Associates will develop a functional plan that addresses these and other unique requirements.