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Nathan P. Dietrich, PE Hired as Director of Business Development

We are pleased to announce that Nathan P. Dietrich, PE, is joining Barton as our new Director of Business Development! “Nathan’s addition to our management team is a crucial step in Barton’s continuous growth. We are all excited about this opportunity as we strive to provide the best possible solutions to our customers,” said Michael … Read more

Logan H. Kresge Joins Our Mechanical Team

We are excited to announce that Logan H. Kresge has recently transitioned from an intern to a full-time employee! “We are all excited to have Logan join Barton after his successful internship! It is great to see another student go through our internship program, like our company, and then transition into a full-time role!” said … Read more

Nancy L. Kerlinger Joins Our Administrative Team

We are pleased to announce that Nancy L. Kerlinger has joined Barton as an Administrative Assistant! “Nancy joins our administrative team as Barton continues to grow and expand. We’re confident that her addition will help us continue to provide both our employee-owners and our customers the best possible Barton experience,” said Michael S. Rader, President … Read more

Introduction to ASHRAE Standard 241: Control of Infectious Aerosols

Precipitated by the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, the world quickly realized that we didn’t know how much disease transmission mitigation was enough. To answer this question and at the request of the White House, The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) developed Standard 241-2023, Control of Infectious Aerosols. The primary intent of this standard … Read more

Ryan C. Davie Earns Professional Engineer License

We are pleased to announce that Ryan C. Davie has earned his Professional Engineer (PE) License from the Maryland Board for Professional Engineers. The license allows him to prepare, sign, seal, and submit engineering plans and drawings for public and private clients as well as municipalities and authorities. Ryan first joined Barton in 2015 as … Read more

Tempered Water Systems: Saving Time, Money, and Maintenance

When Barton Associates was tasked with designing the domestic water system for the Nemours Children’s Health Specialty Care & Ambulatory Center located in Malvern, PA, cost savings for the owner and simplifying construction for the contractor were on our minds. Typical domestic water systems plumb cold water and 110°F  hot water to most fixtures; however, … Read more

Dorian A. Rhodes Hired as Director of Human Resources

We are pleased to announce that Dorian A. Rhoades has joined Barton as our Director of Human Resources! “We are all very excited to have Dorian join our team! His skill set and experience in human resources will be a great addition to our administrative team as we continue to improve Barton’s employee-owner experience” said … Read more

Jason O. Brooks Joins Our Construction Services Team

We are pleased to announce that Jason O. Brooks has joined Barton as a Construction Services Representative! “We are happy to welcome Jason to Barton Associates.  He brings a wealth of construction knowledge and will help us achieve our mission of making buildings work,” said Michael S. Rader, President & CEO. Jason joins Barton with … Read more

Cooling Tower Startup and Maintenance

Cooling towers are the most energy-efficient method available to reject heat from a building’s air conditioning system, but they are also the most maintenance-intensive option. Air conditioning is a way of life now; you rarely find commercial buildings without air conditioning in the mid-Atlantic region. We use it for human comfort, to preserve products, to … Read more

Madison Gilliland and Lance Reynolds Earn ASSE 6060 Medical Gas Systems Designer Certification

We are pleased to announce that Madison S. Gilliland, EIT, CPDT and Lance D. Reynolds, CPD have passed their exams and are now certified ASSE 6060 Medical Gas Systems Designers. The ASSE 6060 Certification prepares individuals to be able to address the qualifications and requisite knowledge needed to design medical gas and vacuum systems. The … Read more

Tahir K. Savasir, EIT Joins Our Plumbing Team

We are pleased to announce that Tahir K. Savasir, EIT has joined Barton as a Plumbing Designer! “Tahir comes with a strong background in plumbing and his skillset matches Barton’s needs very well. Barton is committed to embracing remote workers when their skillset matches our needs and Tahir comes with a technical skillset that matches … Read more

Barton’s New 2024 Promotions

It is a very exciting time at Barton as we are excited to announce four of our employee-owners have been promoted for their hard work and dedication. Congratulations to Roger Thies, Stephen Oskin, Kenneth McLain, and Kyle Courtney.  “The new leadership structure marks the beginning of the next phase in the evolution and growth at … Read more

Don’t Let Lead Times Create Bad Times

If you are considering a new building or a major renovation in 2024, you are already too late.  You may even have difficulty finishing in 2025.  For structural materials, mechanical equipment, electrical gear, and many other critical building components, the time from when it is ordered until it arrives on site has increased dramatically since … Read more

Meet Barton Associates Talented 2024 Interns

We are pleased to introduce and welcome Barton Associates’ interns Elizabeth Duffy, Nicole Esselstyn, Isabelle Willison, Roman Rennebeck, Chloe Cipar, Reagan Warenda, Lauren Heisler, and Logan Kresge to the team!   “We are excited to announce the hiring of Elizabeth, Nicole, Isabelle, Roman, Chloe, Reagan, Lauren, and Logan for internships with Barton Associates this spring … Read more

Weighing a Delayed Project Start? Consider Changes Coming in 2024 

Significant changes are set to affect the building industry this year. National changes like refrigerant phase-outs due to global warming potential, and regional changes, like the tri-annual code updates. While increased cost of capital may have some owners thinking about delaying projects, other factors should be considered to have a full picture of what that delay … Read more

Mary Taylor Earns LEED AP BD+C Accreditation

We are pleased to announce that Mary I. Taylor, EIT has passed her exam to earn her LEED AP (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional) BD+C accreditation! Administered by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), the LEED AP BD+C credential denotes professionals with expertise in the design and construction phases of green buildings … Read more

John A. Funkhouser Joins Our Electrical Team

We are pleased to announce that John A. Funkhouser is joining our York office as the newest member of our Electrical Engineering team! “We’re extremely excited to welcome John to our Barton team, as he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our electrical bullpen!” said Wesley L. Stiles, Director of Electrical Engineering. John … Read more

Barton Associates, Inc. Welcomes Darren C. Narango

We are pleased to announce that Darren C. Narango is joining our York office as the newest member of our Information Technology team! “Very happy to have Darren join our team! The help and resiliency Darren will provide will be crucial to business operations and future growth” said Corey J. Jackson, Systems Administrator/Manager. Darren comes … Read more

Solar Energy: Bright Idea or Not?

As energy resources become more scarce and global political issues threaten energy security and standards of living, the developed world has been focusing on alternative sources of energy. These sources of energy have ranged from renewable natural gas and “clean coal” to naturally renewable sources such as wind and solar. With any new energy transition, … Read more