Mission & Vision

We Make Buildings Work

At Barton Associates, we’re proud to be 100% employee-owned and continue our strong tradition of providing highly quality service and technical expertise to new and returning clients. As employee-owners everyone is committed as a stakeholder and strives to continue our mission of Making Buildings Work. We apply focus, dedication, practicality, precision, and longevity to each project we deliver and live by these principles.

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Our Mission

Our mission is simple — We Make Buildings Work. While our mission statement is simple, the underlying principles that support it are much more involved.


Barton realizes how important focus is within the consulting industry. That’s why we chose to concentrate on the firm’s two strongest markets healthcare and education. Because they are often highly sensitive and complex in nature, education and healthcare facilities are more sophisticated than virtually any other type of facility, making their needs for mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems as unique as they come. Barton applies more than 50 years of experience providing MEP design for a variety of healthcare and education facilities to each project we deliver, making sure never to lose focus.


To say a project never has its challenges is idealistic; however, our experience has proven that difficulties are inevitable throughout the course of any project. As your trusted consultants, we will never walk away from a problem. We pledge to work with you to resolve your concerns in a professional and timely manner. Our staff of more than 70 registered professional engineers, designers, CAD technicians and support staff dedicate their efforts to anticipating and conquering challenges on your behalf.


Barton realizes that while no two facilities are alike, the demand for accuracy is a common thread. Just as precision is key to the end users of the education and healthcare facilities we work on, it is also essential for the mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems we design for them. When designing systems for our nation’s educators and future leaders as well as life-saving medical professionals, cookie-cutter designs simply won’t cut it. We take the time to listen to and understand each client’s unique needs and goals to develop a realm of customized choices from which the client can choose. With a particular emphasis on accuracy and efficiency, Barton tailors its designs to be precisely what you need.


What good is an innovative design idea that cannot be implemented? Barton is committed to designing systems that are both technologically advanced and constructible. Many of Barton’s professional engineers have previous construction field experience and a true appreciation for constructible designs. This combination of technical expertise and hands-on experience results in designs that are effective, efficient and feasible. Even our most elaborate designs are centered on constructability. Now that’s practical.


Barton takes care to design systems that will provide lasting benefits to the facility owner years, even decades, after being installed. We incorporate sustainable design solutions to reduce energy consumption, minimize environmental impacts and provide a healthy environment for the end user. Since our inception, Barton has worked with many clients that have trusted us for over 50 years — an example of longevity rarely seen in the consulting industry. We are proud of the long-term relationships we build with our clients and the lasting benefits our systems provide them.

Our Vision

We are a partner through life. Our company creates environments that foster the health, welfare, and development of those we serve. Through the continuum of life, we constantly strive to improve the human experience while maintaining balance with the surrounding environment. Our work supports life from birth through end of life, from routine care through the diagnosis and treatment of disease and acute conditions. We symbiotically work to create the environments to educate from early childhood through higher education. These environments foster research into improved treatments, processes, and products. Our work helps to nourish, house, educate, develop and entertain those we serve. This is all done with a focus on stewardship to our staff, our community, and our environment.

We do this by constantly developing, supporting and maintaining the pillars of our organization: our people, culture, focus, growth, systems and stewardship.

We are an employee centered and owned company. We work to attract, develop, and retain our most valuable asset, our people. We have a sense of engagement and ownership and a drive for excellence. Our organization is family oriented and cares deeply about each other and our community. Our focus on people, the markets we serve, the services we provide, and the value of our work product define us. We leverage technology to enhance our systems and processes, maintain resiliency and add value. We are dedicated to continually improving our organization.

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