Energy & Sustainability

Exceed Your Energy & Sustainability Goals

At Barton Associates, we put our energy toward doing what is best for our clients and our environment. We are always considering ways to minimize energy consumption, conserve resources, and enhance environmental quality on every project we complete.

Energy efficient thermostatic head valve alongside engineering drawings and green blocks

Energy Services

From energy procurement through energy conservation and alternative technologies to funding, Barton provides a vertically integrated approach to energy. Our energy services include:

  • Energy code interpretation
  • Legislation interpretation
  • Energy generation, sources, markets and procurement
  • Onsight and distributed generation
  • Energy auditing and benchmarking
  • Building energy modeling
  • Alternative energy technologies (solar, geothermal, biomass, combined heat and power, wind, etc.)
  • Funding opportunities (including stimulus funding, tax credits, loans, etc.)

Sustainable Design

As a member of the U.S. Green Building Council, Central Pennsylvania Chapter and an Energy Star Partner, Barton considers ways to minimize energy consump­tion, conserve resources and enhance indoor environmental quality on every project we complete. We integrate sustainable design across all areas of our projects, including: