Jonathan G. Braman, PE

About Jon

Jon joined Barton in 2021 as an electrical engineer at our York Office. Jon attended Bucknell University where he received his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering.

When asked what does being part of an ESOP mean to you, he states, “Partnership and Responsibility. I have a quantifiable reason to insure the company does well, hopefully resulting in meaningful (albeit materialistic) endgame when my working career is over. I also have the motivation because my actions can directly affect the outcome, and I do not want to disappoint or fail my colleagues.”

Tell us a little about your family/home life.

I live directly between Elizabethtown and Hershey in a money pit of a home, with lots of surrounding woodlands. My wife Jessica is the staff attorney for the Lancaster County Orphans Court, and we have two daughter’s, Jordan (16), and Cooper (14), both are students at Lower Dauphin. One wants to be a competitive cheer coach, and the other a neurosurgeon (notice neither wants to be an Engineer or an Attorney… what does that tell you??). We also have two Newfoundlands, and two stray cats that have made our house their home (plus several attic critters… not sure what they are yet).

What was the first job you got a physical paycheck?

Alpine Nursing & Convalescent Home in Hershey, making up trays of food and delivering them to the residents.

What was your first job in Engineering like?

I spent half of my first year finding the open computer for the day (whoever called in sick), and converted MicroCAD drawings to AutoCAD-R11 (I know, it was ’96 and we were already five years behind) usable floor plans for the Main Capitol building in Harrisburg. Once I proved I was capable, I got my own computer with a 14″ (!!!) screen and a table that became my desk right next to a multi-tier flat file that everybody in the office had to access at least once a day. But hey, at least I was making $28 grand!

What do you love most about your job?

Solving problems. (Unless I created them, then it is the worst!!!!)

If I wasn’t an Engineer, I’d be?

A writer. But my command of English is terrible, and I start sentences with “But”, which I hear is a big no-no in the proper writing world. And I cannot find the line between sarcasm and truth sometimes. And I can ramble. And I also start sentences with “And”, which, again, is a big no-no. What was the question?

What’s your favorite sport (professional, college, or other)?

Ice Hockey. Can’t skate or fight, and I have zero stamina. Those guys (and gals) are warriors.

I’m seldom without?

An opinion. Or a filter. The combination makes things… interesting.

When I’m not at work I’m doing……

Currently I spend my down time driving my kids to musical practice, play practice, band practice, orchestra practice, cello and flute lessons, dance practice, cheer practice and competitions, various teenage girl school and social events, shopping expeditions. Today, I am only doing three of these!! Yay Fridays!

What’s on your “stranded on a desert island” playlist?

Any 80’s mix station, Pink Floyd (but not the Roger Water’s I hate the world and the world hates me stuff), My Chemical Romance, Boston, a smattering of Led Zeppelin, and a large helping of Def Leppard.

What’s your hidden Talent?

As soon as I say what it is, it no longer can be the answer to the question. A conundrum. You may actually create a time/space vortex every time someone answers this question.

What’s on your bucket list?

Probably plastic, then metal, then a nice wooden with iron straps.

What’s the one movie you can watch over and over again?

Real Genius.

When I go to a cookout, I hope there’s __ to eat.

Good old American laboratory grown, quinoa, tofu and lentil fake beef patty with almond milk cheese product, a nice tomato slice, all in a gluten free, wheat flour no carb pita pocket! Or a cheeseburger (80/20 or worse).

What’s your favorite holiday and why?

Christmas. I may be cynical, but people truly are almost always 10-15% nicer around Christmas than other times of the year.

Have you ever met your idol or someone famous? If so, who?

I spent 5 years as the Stage Manager and Assistant Technical Director at the Weis Center at Bucknell University, so in that position, I met quite a few celebrities and artists. I even elbowed Henry Kissinger in the chest. (Not on purpose, of course)

Best book you’ve ever read?

Encyclopedia Britannica (but only through F, it was a real slog).

What’s the best piece of advice that you’ve ever been given?

It is a toss-up between two: When dealing with people, don’t forget that you have no idea what they may be going through, so don’t be so quick to pass judgment. And second: Don’t take everything so seriously that you forget to enjoy being alive.

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