Joshua D. Lange, PE

About Joshua

Joshua first served as an intern at our State College office and then became a full-time Electrical Designer over 6 years ago. He earned a Bachelor of Architectural Engineering and a Master of Architectural Engineering with an emphasis in lighting and electrical system design from Penn State University

“The increased employee driven events (Birthday recognitions, office celebrations, charitable giving, educational sessions, etc.). The financial benefits for retirement are also nice” states Joshua when asked what he likes most about being an employee-owned company.

Tell us a little bit about your life at home.

My wife and I have been married a little over two years. We bought a fixer upper house late last year and are in the midst of fixing it up. We have four Miniature Horses and one Quarter Horse that keep life busy and exciting. We are both very involved with our church’s worship ministry; Isabel plays piano and violin and I oversee the audio team and occasionally play cajón or drums.

What’s your hometown?

Port Matilda, PA. I have had three addresses and all of them have been on the same street.

What was your first internship in engineering like?

My first internship was with a project manager at Penn State OPP. It was a great introduction into some of the many aspects of project administration. I think it gave me a great foundation for the rest of my career.

Now that Barton is an ESOP what does being part of an ESOP mean to you?

Being a part of an ESOP provides a feeling co-ownership in the company and increases my sense of personal responsibility for helping make Barton as successful as possible.

What do you love most about your job?

Working with clients to make their vision a reality. The breadth (type and size) of projects we work on helps to keep things exciting.

If I wasn’t an Engineer, I’d be?

Audio visual systems integrator.

When I’m not at work I’m doing……

House renovations, caring for horses, helping with activities at church.

What’s your favorite sport (professional, college, or other)?

College Football.

What’s the one movie you can watch over and over again?

The Greatest Showman.

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