Michael W. Lucas, PE

About Michael

Mike has been with Barton for over 10 years serving as a Senior Electrical Engineer/Project Manager at our State College Office. He attended The Pennsylvania State University where he received his Bachelor of Architectural Engineering.

When asked how the ESOP impacts him the most, he states, “The long-term financial benefits will be the most impactful as my career continues.”

Tell us a little about your family/home life.

My wife of almost 10 years and I have a 4.5-year-old boy. Most of our life revolves around him and enjoying watching him grow up and learn! The three of us live in the State College Area and enjoy the diversity that the area offers – from big football games to spending time in the wilderness.

What’s your hometown?

West Middlesex, PA.

What was your first job in engineering like?

I had an internship in Baltimore as my first real-world engineering job. The firm didn’t have an excess of electrical work that summer, so I ended up helping design and model HVAC and plumbing systems in a 14-story high-rise. To this date, this is still one of my favorite projects.

What was the first job you got a physical paycheck?

Pizza’s by Marchelloni in West Middlesex. Worked here through high school and a few years of college. Learned many real-world lessons and made a few lifetime friends here. If you’re in the area, make sure you grab a baked Italian sub!

How long have you been with Barton?

10 years served. I’m almost 4 years into my second tour of duty at Barton. My first tour was 6 years.

What does being part of an ESOP mean to you?

It means that our success as employees is truly OUR success. It’s a team effort that really translates back to the employees.

What do you like most about the ESOP?

The understanding that the work we do benefits us as employees.

What do you love most about your job?

The variety of project types and problems that need solved. Having to dive into creative solutions to solve challenging issues that affect.

What’s your favorite sport (professional, college, or other)?

Ice Hockey – Go Pens!!!!

When I’m not at work I’m doing……

Spending time with my family, making music or fishing.

Favorite pizza topping?


What’s on your “Stranded on a desert island” playlist?

Tool, Pearl Jam, John Mayer, Greta Van Fleet & DMB.

What’s your hidden talent?

Lately, it’s been fixing all the toys that my son breaks.

What’s the one movie you can watch over and over again?

Happy Gilmore.

What’s on your bucket list?

A month-long road trip out west to visit the Rockies and California.

When I go to a cookout, I hope there’s __ to eat.

Fresh chips and salsa!

What’s your favorite holiday and why?

Memorial Day. It’s the first long weekend after winter where the weather is nice, and we usually go camping as a family.

Have you ever met your idol or someone famous? If so, who?

The closest I’ve been to meeting a celebrity was watching Michael Jordan and Mario Lemieux tee off together at a charity golf outing in Pittsburgh when I was about 12 years old.

Best book you’ve ever read??

Into the Wild.

A true story of a young man who wanted to step away from our fast-paced society and live life to the fullest in the most simple ways possible. The story is a reminder to not get too caught up in things and is a reminder of what is really important in our short time here.

What’s the best piece of advice that you’ve ever been given?

Be kind to others.

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