Barton’s Lighting Studio Celebrates Two National IES Illumination Awards

Barton’s Lighting Studio is honored to have received two Awards of Merit from the Illuminating Engineering Society’s 49th Annual IES Illumination Awards. The Pennsylvania State University’s Willard Building Renovation was recognized for ‘Lighting Control Innovation’ while Allegheny College Bentley Hall Renovation was recognized for its ‘Energy and Environmental Lighting Design’.  The IES Illumination Awards acknowledge professionalism, ingenuity, and originality in outstanding lighting design.

Lighting Designers
Barton Associates – Jennifer Harrington, PE, LC, LEED AP
MCLA Architectural Lighting Design – Kate Fuller

The key to the design’s success at Penn State’s Willard Building Renovations/Addition for the Donald P. Bellisario College of Communications was the selection of a building-wide network digital lighting control system. The aging 63,200 square-foot academic building has been renewed with user-friendly controls that also minimize energy usage and maximize the flexibility of the lighting design. This project also received a 2022 Section Award for Innovation in Lighting Controls from the Illuminating Engineering Society’s (IES) Philadelphia Section Philament Awards.

Lighting Designers
Barton Associates – John M. Sundy, LC
MCF Architecture – Christopher Watt

Allegheny College’s Bentley Hall is a historic cornerstone that is 200 years old and in 2019 a complete restoration and renovation took place to turn it into the College’s administrative hub. Being listed as a historical landmark posed several challenges to the design team during the renovation. Modernizing interior finishes and technology was a driving force during design. The juxtaposition of 21st-century technology inside a 19th-century building appealed to the College and its Alumni. It was essential that Bentley Hall be an energy savings and performance model. Advanced lighting controls, the use of historically styled and modern fixtures with dimmable LED light sources, daylight harvesting, and interfaces with HVAC controls all combined to achieve substantial energy savings.

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