We’re Speaking at the Spring 2018 KAPPA Conference!

Please join Rachel Prinkey with Penn State University, Rami Berner with Bostwick Design Partnership, Michael Rader with Barton Associates and Andrew Schrenk with PJ Dick as they present at the Spring 2018 KAPPA Conference hosted by Penn State University.

Their presentation, “Prevention Through Design — A Case Study of the Penn State School of Music Recital Hall Project”, will be held on March 29, 2018 at 9:20 AM in The Penn State Hotel and Conference Center.


Unlike many other building types, performance venues struggle between building performance and the ability to easily maintain that building. The primary driver in this struggle is acoustical performance, which has two primary components:  controlling the acoustics within the room, and isolating that room from external acoustics. For the Penn State Recital Hall project, this led to a rigorous process that brought the University’s facilities staff regularly into design discussions with the users, the design team, and the construction manager early in design. These bi-lateral discussions, and utilizing technologies like virtual reality, helped the project successfully navigate these two seemingly opposing priorities.

What You Will Learn

  • Implement a collaborative design process synthesizing building performance, maintenance, safety and cost
  • Evaluate acoustics as they relate to long term building management
  • Identify considerations of the project stakeholder from design through building occupancy