We’re Speaking at CxEnergy 2016!

Barton Associates’ Manager of Controls and Commissioning, Ed Ritter, PE, LEED AP, CxA, is set to deliver a key presentation at the CxEnergy 2016 in April. This is a premier conference and exposition for Building Commissioning and Energy Management. The presentation will focus on the review of energy audit and retrocommissioning findings covers issues such as simultaneous heating and cooling, short cycling, incorrect economizer cycles, occupancy schedule issues, ventilation problems, and more, illustrating how deficiencies looked on the BAS, what was found at the equipment, and the impact on operating costs, safety and occupant comfort.

  1. Learn things to review on the Building Automation System (BAS) graphics during commissioning
  2. Learn about specific failures that include: Reversed air damper controls in heating mode; Simultaneous heating and cooling; Specified minimum outdoor airflow with a failed airflow meter; and Airside economizer failure
  3. For each deficiency, observe how various failures present on the BAS graphic and discuss the impact on system performance – costs, safety and occupant comfort
  4. Discuss how controls and operating sequences may be modified to provide more robust design.