Our Philosophy

Because no two facilities are alike, Barton’s engineers and designers customize their designs to meet the unique needs of each facility. We begin by understanding the client’s goals and evaluating the alternatives before finalizing any approach.

Our experienced professionals collaborate to apply their knowledge of current engineering standards and codes to develop integrated solutions that meet the client’s and facility’s goals while also considering space constraints, budget, schedule and other unique requirements for the project.

Quality Assurance
At Barton, quality assurance (QA) is a continuous process that begins by defining and understanding a project’s scope and continues through the design, construction and final close-out phase. We enforce a thorough review process involving project managers, designers and quality assurance reviewers and hold QA coordination meetings at critical stages of every project. In addition, our senior engineers perform a final detailed technical review of each drawing before project delivery.

Barton uses industry-standard QA resources in addition to our own in-house Quality Assurance Manual. Over the course of 50 years, Barton has applied the vast experience of our technical staff members to developing and maintaining vital in-house resources to guide the QA process. Some of these resources include a Project Responsibility Chart to clearly define the role and responsibility of each team member; a Drawing Checklist to ensure that all required drawings are accurate and thorough and a Mechanical/Electrical Coordination Schedule to confirm that all disciplines have been properly integrated into the design.

In the end, Barton strives to deliver designs that:

  • Meet the client’s goals and budget requirements
  • Are properly sized and designed to operate efficiently
  • Are fully integrated with all disciplines