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COVID-19, Pandemic Response & Planning for Ventilated Patients, Part Two

The scope and influence of the novel coronavirus continues to grow, and COVID-19 cases are on the rise again. The number of hospitalizations is increasing. Undoubtedly by now, someone you know has most likely had COVID-19. Hospitals located in critical, high population centers overrun with COVID-19 patients used mechanical ventilators in record numbers this past

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COVID-19, Pandemic Response & Planning for Ventilated Patients

When the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) became a reality for this country and the quarantine began, we did not know what to expect. Pandemic updates from Washington, DC by the President of the United States and his lead physicians became a daily routine. Just a few hours away, COVID-19 cases in New York City were overwhelming

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Changes to PA UCC Code: Plumbing Code Changes 2009 vs 2015 IECC/IPC

Change. Whether good, bad, or somewhere in between, we must accept change and constantly adapt in order to move forward, grow and even improve. Changes in the International Plumbing and Energy Conservation Codes are no exception. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, except for the City of Philadelphia, adopted the 2015 International Codes the past October, superseding

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Access is Key: Emergency Plumbing Fixtures

There seems to be a misunderstanding among facility owners and operators these days about requirements for emergency fixtures (eyewashes and drench showers). Plumbing codes do not prescribe when or where to locate eyewash fixtures. Rather, they address the installation of these emergency fixtures if or when they are required. The Owner is responsible for knowing

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Things to Consider When Planning to Upgrade Your Hemodialysis Unit

Age and Condition When considering improvements to your Hemodialysis unit, you may want to modernize furniture, finishes, lighting and equipment in order to improve the patient environment.  While planning the upgrade you will also need to consider the age and condition of the water treatment system that provides either distilled or reverse osmosis water to

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Design for Flexibility

Healthcare providers continue to move more and more patient care services away from the main hospital into medical office buildings. Medical office buildings that were once used mainly for family practice office visits and check-ups have been retrofitted to house ambulatory surgical centers, chemotherapy infusion suites, kidney dialysis, diagnostic radiology, and cancer treatment modalities such

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Re-Prioritizing in a Tough Economy

If your business is like most today, your construction and operating budgets have been drastically reduced, or maybe even eliminated. The capital equipment upgrades that you were planning for this year have been put on hold; and instead, your focus has turned to reducing operating costs and avoiding layoffs. If you are in the fortunate

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