Barton Education

Educational facilities are often highly sensitive and complex in nature and require a customized engineering approach. Barton Education understands that without the proper infrastructure in place, providing an environment conducive to achieving the institutions mission is not possible. Barton Education designs systems with proper temperature and air circulation, acoustics, and lighting as well as considers ways to minimize energy consumptions, conserve resources and enhance indoor environmental quality.

Barton Education exclusively serves public and private colleges, universities and K-12 schools and has built lasting relationships with many clients, several spanning more than 20 years. Since 1968, Barton Education has completed:

  • more than 1,500 projects for over 80 higher education institutions including performing art centers, research/laboratories, campus life, athletics, student housing, academics and food services.
  • more than 1,000 projects for over 100 public and private K-12 school districts including academics, administrations, athletics, auditoriums, elementary, middle, high and vocational schools.

Roger M. Thies, PE, LEED AP

Yancy D. Unger, PE, LEED AP