Dallastown Area School District | Loganville-Springfield Elementary School
Public & Private K-12 Elementary Middle and High School

Rendering provided by RLPS Architects

Dallastown Area School District | Dallastown, PA

Loganville-Springfield Elementary School

91,000 sq. ft. | $22.6 million | Estimated December 2020

Barton Education is providing mechanical, electrical and plumbing design services for renovations and an 35,000 square-foot addition to Loganville-Springfield Elementary School for Dallastown Area School District. The project includes a complete renovation for the existing 56,000 square foot facility including a full replacement of all MEP systems and equipment as well as the addition of a fire protection system. The building addition includes a new secure entrance and administrative suite, cafeteria and full kitchen, gymnasium, service and utility spaces, and additional classrooms. The newly 91,000 square-foot renovated school will house up to 550 students. The school was originally built in 1952 with a substantial addition constructed in 1970.

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