Milton Hershey Foundation Conservatory at Hershey Gardens

Milton Hershey Foundation Conservatory at Hershey Gardens | Hershey, PA

16,000 sq. ft. | $7.5 million | June 2016

Barton Associates provided mechanical, electrical, plumbing and full architectural lighting design services for the new 16,000 square-foot Milton & Catherine Hershey Conservatory at Hershey Gardens. The Conservatory includes an educational/horticultural wing, large central welcome pavilion, gift shop, office/support spaces, and an indoor butterfly atrium that serves as a home to hundreds of rare butterflies from around the world. The HVAC and lighting systems have been carefully designed and controlled to the specific needs of the butterflies and the tropical plants that inhabit this living space. The addition of this building will allow guests and visitors to enjoy the Gardens year round for the first time in its 78 year history.

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