The Pennsylvania State University | Morgan Academic Center
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The Pennsylvania State University | University Park, PA

Morgan Academic Center

41,000 sq. ft. | $6.4 million | July 2016

Barton Education provided mechanical, electrical, plumbing and architectural lighting design services for a 41,000 square-foot renovation to create the state-of-the-art Morgan Academic Center, an all-sports academic achievement and study facility. The project included office space, 15 collaborative learning spaces along with conference rooms, classroom space, a multimedia interview room, and student lounge. The Center provides tutoring, advising, computer labs, group study areas and meeting rooms in a central location for over 800 Varsity student athletes. Previously these services were located in four separate locations on the campus and were centralized to provide a world class learning environment. Barton collaborated with all stake holders to provide a 4-pipe Variable air volume system to heat and cool the academic center. Challenges in the design included a very modest floor to floor height and student athletes that exceed 6’-8” in height. Coordination of ceiling spaces to feel open to the larger student athletes drove ductwork and piping design to creatively define program areas and create a sense of volume by minimizing overhead utilities in program areas. The all-LED lighting was designed to play on the athletics theme by mimicking sports field lighting grids and lane marker striping. Custom controls including daylight harvesting and adaptive occupancy/vacancy sensing maximized the efficiency of the design. The former Greenberg Indoor Sports Complex also will be used for recruiting, attraction and retention of both students and coaching staff. Barton was proud to be a part of the design build team that successfully collaborated with Inter Collegiate Athletics, PSU Facilities Staff, The Morgan Academic Center Staff and architectural and structural team members to deliver this project for the University. Learn more about Morgan Academic Center

Barton’s Lighting Studio is honored to have received a 2017 Section Award for Architectural Lighting Design from the Philadelphia Illuminating Engineering Society(IES).

“Designing the lighting for the conversion of the former Greenberg Ice Arena into an Academic Achievement and Study Center presented many complexities,” said Joseph Pawell, the lead Lighting Designer on this project. “Much of the building is below grade with limited floor-to-floor height so the space could easily be a gloomy and unwelcoming cave! The facility had to appeal to all athletes as well, so ques were taken from all sports genres; Linear fixtures were installed above ‘lane markers’ in the carpets; Square fixtures were installed above ‘coaching box’ reception desks and the light fixtures for the graphics in the main gathering room were inspired by sports field lighting towers.”

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