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Materials Research Laboratory

79,000 sq. ft. | $25 million | August 2017

Barton Education designed the fire protection and heating, ventilating and air conditioning upgrades at the Materials Research Laboratory. The project includes providing fire protection to the entire 79,000 square-foot building as well as a complete HVAC systems replacement for the building office area and 35,000 square feet of laboratory and support spaces within the building. The HVAC system for the office area will utilize two variable air volume rooftop air handling units with hot water reheat terminal units. The laboratory spaces will utilize two 100% outside air rooftop air handling units. The general laboratory exhaust will precondition the outside are via an enthalpy wheel for total energy recovery. A separate fume hood exhaust system will use a passive heat pipe system for sensible energy recovery. Laboratory supply and exhaust valves will control the air flow to each lab based on variable air volume (VAV) fume hood operation and minimum ventilation requirements set by the owners Environmental Health and Safety staff. The building chilled water system will also be replaced with two nominal 300 ton magnetic bearing water cooled screw chillers. The building chilled water plant will also provide cooling to two adjacent buildings; Land and Water Research Building and the Centralized Biological Laboratory. Two steam to hot water shell and tube heat exchangers, each sized for 100% of the heating load, will be utilized for the building’s perimeter heat and reheat hot water coils located in the labs.

Barton Education has also included alternative sources for heating and cooling energy in the design. A heat recovery chiller will be utilized to provide reheat water as well as domestic hot water. Three evacuated tube solar collectors will also be utilized for building heating and domestic hot water.

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