Student Housing: A Home Away From Home

Student housing has become one of the most important pieces in an institution’s strategic plan to attract prospective students, transition new students to collegiate life, develop and retain students as well as educate students throughout their academic careers. A comprehensive approach to match housing options with developing trends is a critical component both now and … Read more

Rethinking the Role of An Athletic Facility

The life of a student on campus has seen a remarkable evolution in the last decade. Students now are more mobile, savvy, and health-conscious than ever. Whereas athletic facilities may have been a nice added touch for prospective students, today they are an integral part of the recruiting process — not only for athletes but … Read more

Sustainable Facility Design and Operation

Climate change, environmental impacts and high energy costs have become significant concerns for individuals and businesses nationwide. Sustainable design can reduce these negative impacts and offer benefits such as: Improved working environment for building occupants Increased occupancy rates Decreased operating costs The United States Green Building Council (USGBC) has developed a system called Leadership in … Read more