Duane Markey

An Alternative for Operating Room Ceilings

For many years the conventional operating room ceiling consisted of a gypsum board or plaster ceiling with openings framed out for lights and diffusers. Openings would be field cut in the gypsum board for overhead surgical light supports, diffusers, general lighting and medical gas columns. With the advent of hybrid operating rooms, the construction of … Read more

Environmental Conditions for Operating Rooms

One of the many challenges involved in completing a successful operating room project is maintaining environmental conditions which meet the demands of the surgical staff and comply with the applicable healthcare requirements. An important step in designing an operating room is to solicit input from the surgeons and surgical staff early in the design process … Read more

Simple Preparations For Summer

Summer is fast approaching and in case you have been putting off those summer cooling preparations the following are some last minute items that can be performed to maximize your cooling equipment’s performance. ¬†Inspect air filters in air handling units and clean/replace them if they are dirty. This will allow your air handling unit to … Read more