Simple Preparations For Summer

Summer is fast approaching and in case you have been putting off those summer cooling preparations the following are some last minute items that can be performed to maximize your cooling equipment’s performance.

  • ¬†Inspect air filters in air handling units and clean/replace them if they are dirty. This will allow your air handling unit to provide the maximum amount of air to assist in cooling your building.
  • Ensure cooling coils in air handling units are clean to maximize heat transfer surface area and to minimize air flow resistance.
  • Ensure that DX equipment has appropriate amount of refrigerant and have the system checked for leaks if the refrigerant level is low.
  • Inspect the condenser unit coils on DX systems and air-cooled chillers. Clean and comb the fins if required.
  • Ensure cooling coil drain pans are clean and that drain lines are not clogged. Clean drain lines will prevent nuisance unit shutdowns if your units have condensate overflow switches. If your units do not have condensate overflow switches, clogged drain lines can lead to overflowing of drain pans which may cause building damage.
  • Verify compressors are operating properly before the hot weather arrives. Have all the units tested now so that the units will be ready when the hot temperatures get here.
  • Review thermostat schedules to make sure they coincide with occupants’ schedules and that they are set to the appropriate temperatures. If the building is not occupied 24 hours per day the building should be cooled down to its desired temperatures approximately a half-hour prior to occupancy.
  • For systems with cooling towers, have your water treatment contractor verify the condenser water chemistry and make sure the tower basins are clear of debris.

These are just a few simple items that should not take much time or money to accomplish and can prepare your air conditioning systems to handle the upcoming hot summer weather. For additional information on things you can do to get your air conditioning systems ready for summer, please do not hesitate to contact Duane Markey, PE at (717) 845-7654 or

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