Barton Healthcare

Healthcare facilities help improve the patient’s’ experience, medical staff satisfaction and overall delivery of care. Barton Healthcare’s teams work diligently with Owner’s (facility, engineering and clinical) staff and the remainder of the design and construction team to develop engineering system designs that are truly integrated with the overall project goals and support the continuous operation of the facility.

Barton Healthcare concentrates exclusively on the healthcare market and has built lasting relationships with many clients, several spanning more than 20 years. Since 1968, Barton Healthcare has completed:

  • nearly 2,000 projects for over 100 healthcare facilities including surgical, emergency, outpatient surgical, treatment/diagnostic, nursing services, patient support services, medical offices, general support services and senior living.

Jonathan B. Slagel, PE, LEED AP, HFDP

Michael A. Jacobs, PE, LEED AP

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