Integrated Patient Room Controls

“The most important person in the patient room is the patient.”

HermanMiller Healthcare “Patient Rooms: A Changing Scene of Healing” Research Summary, 2010

With the advancements in medical treatment, more procedures and surgeries are performed on an outpatient basis. Therefore, patients requiring hospitalization, tend to be even less healthy than in the past. At a time when the patient feels less in control, allowing for more control of their environment within the patient room can provide comfort, reduce stress, and assist in the healing process.

Patients who require hospitalization typically fall into two categories, those with unanticipated illnesses and those that decide to have elective surgeries. This second group has the luxury of choosing where they have their surgery performed. With the proliferation of the internet, patients have access to more information when comparing hospitals, including the patient rooms and amenities.

In the past, the patient’s control of their environment from their bed was limited to calling for assistance from a nurse, using the telephone, controlling one or two room lights near the bed, and some limited control of an articulating arm- or wall-mounted television. Today, with technological improvements, patient rooms can be designed to allow the patient to control many additional functions including:

  • Control the window shades and blinds in the room
  • Adjust the room temperature
  • Full control of the television similar to their television control at home
  • Watch on-demand video, such as health related videos, movies, etc.
  • Access the internet, Wi-Fi, etc.
  • Select their meal choices

In an increasingly competitive arena for attracting patients and providing improved healing environments, today’s educated and informed patients expect certain amenities, including a high level of control. For any questions relating to implementing or integrating these controls in your existing or planned patient rooms, please do not hesitate to contact Jon B. Slagel, PE at (717) 845-7654 or

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