Carrillo Street Steam Plant at University of Pittsburgh

Carrillo Street Steam Plant Upgraded to Serve Pitt, Carnegie Mellon, and UPMC

Barton Education provided MEP engineering and construction services for modifications to the Carrillo Street Steam Plant that supplies University of Pittsburgh’s main Oakland campus, a portion of Carnegie Mellon University’s campus, and some UPMC facilities.

The plant houses six 110,000 lbs/hr, gas-fired boilers served by five feedwater pumps that were not supplying enough water to meet the plant’s capacity.

The project scope encompassed replacement of the pumps to provide sufficient feedwater for the boilers, including n+1 redundancy, as well as replacement of the two existing polisher tanks, replacement of the blowdown tank and heat exchanger, and addition of a PRV station at the plant medium-to-low pressure steam transition.

The project’s design also included the development of a phasing plan with the University to appropriately minimize the amount of downtime the systems experienced while accommodating the supply demands of the plant.

Project Overview

total Sq Ft


Total Cost

$1.5 million


December 2018

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