LifeBridge Health Sinai Hospital Emergency Department

New Emergency Department to Double in Size for LifeBridge Health Sinai Hospital

Barton Healthcare is providing MEP design services for the expansion and modernization for approximately 25,000 square feet of additions and 32,000 square feet of renovations to the existing emergency services department within the Sinai Hospital located in Baltimore, MD. 

As part of the phased project, the department’s imaging suite will be relocated.  The suite consists of two CT scan rooms, two general radiology rooms and an ultrasound room.  The imaging equipment and associated support equipment and lighting will be served by UPS sourced emergency power to allow continuity of patient care through a normal power outage.  Patient care zones within the emergency department will be served by individual supply and return air VAV boxes to provide independent temperature and consistent pressure control, allowing flexibility to change pressure relationships to create negatively pressurized zones if required based on the patient care protocols of the facility.  This project is currently under construction.

Project Overview

total Sq Ft

57,000 sq. ft.

Total Cost

$25 million


Estimated 2025

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