Science Center Renovations at Gettysburg College

Numerous Teaching and Research Lab Renovations Completed at Gettysburg College

Barton Education provided MEP engineering services for numerous teaching and research lab renovations within the existing 85,000 square foot Science Center and the connecting 50,000 square foot McCreary Hall for Gettysburg College.

These renovations have ranged from single lab renovations to the complete replacement of mechanical and electrical systems within McCreary Hall. Research lab renovations have included chemistry labs, microbiology labs and biology labs.

Additionally, Barton has been involved with test­ing and certification of fume hoods and energy conservation efforts within the Science Center through modification of the central fume hood exhaust systems.

HVAC systems have included 100% outside air variable air volume air handling units with heat recovery coils and coupled with central campus steam and chilled water and variable air volume boxes in served spaces. Exhaust air systems have included central fume hood exhaust with variable air volume boxes in served spaces.

Plumbing systems have included domes­tic water, water for lab use, and water supplies for emergency showers and eye washes all provided with dedicated systems, each protected by dedicated backflow preventers. Labs were provided with natural gas, water, vacuum, distilled water and compressed air systems.

Electrical systems have included lighting, power interface with lab equipment, emergency and normal power distribution, tele/data, and security and fire alarm systems.

Most recently, Barton has provided design services for a new chemistry research laboratory as well as an anatomy lab. The anatomy lab included two anatomage tables which can provide advanced anatomy visualizations and virtual dissection.

Project Overview

total Sq Ft

50,000 – 85,000 sq. ft.

Total Cost

Range from
$300,000 to $4 million


August 2012

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