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Emergency Power/UPS Requirements – Assessing Your Risk

Section 4.1 of NFPA 99, 2012 Edition, provides a good starting point for assessing risk in building systems. This Section requires that each building system in a healthcare facility be evaluated and assigned a category based on the consequences of that system failing to operate. The categories are: Category Consequence of Failure 1 Major injury or death … Read more

Electrical Short Circuit and Coordination Studies for New and Existing Facilities

The word “efficiency” is not often associated with a power distribution system; however, following the appropri­ate protocol for conducting short circuit and coordination studies can help improve efficiency and safety for your building’s power distribution system. Short circuit and coordination studies are especially important for both normal and emergency power distribution systems within healthcare facilities … Read more

Call 811…So You Don’t Have to Call 911!

Before doing any excavation work on your site, you should remember three important numbers…811.   Calling 811, anywhere in the nation, will connect you to Call Before You Dig, where you can begin the process of having all of your underground public utilities marked, free of charge. Before calling 811, be prepared to give the operator … Read more