Important Changes to the PA Construction Code Act (Act 45) of 1999 | Vol. 3: The 2009 International Plumbing Code (IPC)

The following are some key plumbing code changes that engineers, architects and owners should know about in order to minimize negative impacts to your current or future projects.

Section 412.2

Identifies additional requirements for floor drains and states that they must have ready access for servicing and cleaning. This section further stipulates that drains are not permitted to be installed underneath equipment in locations that would require the removal of an access panel. The intent of this revision is to insure that floor drains are regularly maintained and operating properly.

Table 604.3

Outlines an increase in the minimum required water pressure for bathtubs, urinals, and water closets due to an increase in the use of low flow plumbing fixtures. Many of the low flow fixtures on the markets require a higher pressure to operate properly; and this section further stipulates that if the water pressure available from the municipality cannot meet the minimum pressures of the code a domestic water booster pump is required.

Section 1002.4

Outlines an additional requirement that clarifies that trap primers must connect to the trap above the trap water level.  In the past, the code allowed trap primers to be connected to the trap in a submerged location; however, this becomes a problem as connections below the trap seal level can become plugged with unwashed drainage particles.

For more information or questions about these changes, review the ECC on the International Code Council (ICC) website or contact Eric Sellers, PE at or (717) 845-7654.

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